About Us

Industree Engineering is a team of professionals comprising of mechatronic engineers and programmers that deals with manufacture and repair of industrial electronics and mechanical parts.

Our multi-technological approach integrates mechanical engineering, computer engineering and electronic engineering, enabling us to manufacture automated and cost-effective machinery and its parts. We have been working extensively for textile industry, polyester plants, pharmacological and packaging industries.

We have specialized expertise in inspection, setting up, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery specially related to textile, including yarn dyeing, processing and winding machines.

Our mechatronic professionals are actively producing winding machines, single end sizing machine, 4-spindle single end sizing machine, parts of space dyeing machines, parts of air covering machine, parts of soft winding machine and various others are being worked upon by our R&D team.

Along with our professional expertise, we have a set-up consisting of a well-equipped electronic lab that deals with designing and repairing of various industrial machinery cards and PLC & HMI programming and automation. Our mechanical set-up includes manual lathe machines, milling machines, shaft grinding machines, shapers, bend-saw machines and CNC milling and lathe machines involved in customized manufacturing of various machinery and parts.

Our experts are aptly able to:

  • Prepare and set up equipment for operatives, either manually or by programming settings.
  • Customize and modify old/existing machinery mechanically and functionally according to our client's required specifications.
  • Manufacture industrial machines and all kinds of parts as per our client's requirements.
  • Repair and design electronic cards.
  • Electronic upgrading of obsolete and old hardware by using contemporary tools and programming.